Delilah Jay was running for MAYOR OF LONDON in the Election 2016 as an independent candidate to replace Boris Johnson.

DELILAH JAY had to withdraw her candidature for MAYOR OF LONDON Election 2016. 

She was harassed and threatened by the ITALIAN MAFIA - her own family !

So Delilah decided to become The MAYORESSE OF LONDON to keep a strict eye on politicians and their actions !

“ Take the Con out of Conservatives,
   Take the Bore out of Labour,
   Take the Dicks out of Politics…
…and party with Delilah ! “




On May 6, 2016 Delilah Jay was formally announced 
to being The MAYORESSE OF LONDON in Trafalgar Square !


“ I will ALWAYS be your MAYORESSE ! “ - Delilah Jay





As a politician, Delilah is standing for LOVE, PEACE & HAPPINESS.
Delilah’s political goal is to fight for better animal welfare. Real fur will be banned in the UK - no selling, no importing, no wearing. Her fur coats are all FAUX.
Delilah will stand up for single parents and their rights in society and family. Her special target are children forced to travel to certain countries to see the other parent and risk child abduction or kidnapping.
Delilah will fight for a vegan world  and against  global warming. Her concept of fighting hunger, death and lack of water in the world  is a big issue for Delilah.
Delilah will take care of the immensely unnecessary fact that people are homeless in the UK.
Delilah will make sure that every company making money in the UK will pay their full tax in the UK.
Delilah will fight for housing for families, elderly people and anyone working in London to get smoothly to their working place.
Delilah would do anything for peace in the World.

Recently Delilah announced, that she was forced to withdraw from the candidacy for Mayor of London by the italian mafia. But this will only stop her for now, her ambition is to run for European Parlament to save the environment. Delilah is an experienced European citizen who lived in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the UK for many years.
Delilah has been exposed to the Mafia, corruption and threats of  kidnapping by the own family.
Delilah knows what she is talking about !